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Seven Mysteries of the Christian Faith
After considering for years how I would write this book, I finally made it my writing project for 2015. It includes chapters on the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation of Jesus, Redemption, Faith, and other traditional Christian teachings that are best approached as mysteries, or paradoxes, that transcend reason rather than relying on reason or falling short of reason.

Christ in Genesis

This was my writing project for 2016. It shows how the events in Genesis, from Creation to Joseph’s forgiveness for his brothers, depict the coming rescue mission of Jesus Christ. The people described in Genesis are real people, but in their lives they acted out the plan of salvation so that they and others after them could know what Jesus would one day do to save them.

It’s All About Jesus: A Reader’s Guide to Understanding the Bible
I wrote this book for a class I was teaching, a class for church workers which was part of a series to prepare them for their work. This class was on proper interpretation of the Bible, also called hermeneutics. Because I couldn’t find any book on hermeneutics that met my needs for the class, I created this book.

To Keep a Promise: A Love Story

Larry was a young pastor, still getting started in his first congregation. Crystal had been his high school sweetheart, the only girl he ever wanted to marry. One day, out of the blue, Crystal called Larry. “I need your help,” she said. “Charlie and I both need your help. Our marriage is in trouble…has been for a while… and he has finally agreed to see a counselor with me… Do you ever do marriage counseling?” Years earlier, Larry had promised Crystal that he would always do whatever she asked of him. But can he give her the help she needs to preserve her marriage? And how will that counseling affect his own efforts to live a holy Christian life?

Unvarnished Arkansas

This book, published by Butler Center Books, tells the story of nine famous people from Arkansas. You might know about Bill Clinton, Sam Walton, and Johnny Cash. You probably don’t know about the woman who slept in the basement of her museum, or the man who almost invented the airplane. Nine short biographies.

Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven

When his disciples asked Jesus why he spoke in parables, Jesus did not say that the parables make his teachings easier to understand. Instead, he indicated that many people would misunderstand his parables. He suggested that they were spoken in a code that would only be understood by believers. “To you has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given,” he said (Matthew 13:11).

What secrets are these? They are the identity of Jesus—truly and completely God, truly and completely human, and the world’s only Savior and Redeemer—and the mission of Jesus—to live a sinless life in the place of his people, and to offer that life as a sacrifice to redeem his people.

My Best Friend’s Rotten Wife

My best friend is very firm about his marriage. I’d like for the two of us to do things together, but he always insists that we include his wife. Any gift I give him is sure to end up in her hands. Sometimes I feel that she is just using him and his name. But he insists that she is spotless, without flaw or blemish or stain. If you have guessed the name of my best friend and of his Bride, you will see that it is a good thing that he loves her and forgives her so completely. It’s guaranteed that he loves me and forgives me just as much.

Salvageable: A Collection of Short Stories

What do you want from a short story? Romance? Adventure? Mystery? Travel? All that and more is in these stories, selected by Salvageable from the past thirty-five years of his writing career. You will find a ghost story, some crimes to solve, a little science fiction, and much more. Whether they make you laugh, cry, or wonder, these stories will introduce you to interesting people facing interesting challenges, all in the safety of your own home (or wherever you choose to read them).

Martin Luther’s Small Catechism with additional commentary

Written in 2017 and 2018 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this book explores one of Martin Luther’s most important writings, one which Lutheran pastors and church workers promise to believe and support. The additional commentary makes Luther’s thought accessible to Christians who are not Lutheran and may add also to the understanding of Lutheran readers.

I remember Amy

On Christmas Eve, Mark Pendleton’s wife and daughters were killed in a traffic accident. Now he was left with only his job, his house, and his books.

On Easter, Amy O’Reilly’s boyfriend emptied his apartment of her possessions and locked her out. Now she was left with only her fast food job, her clothes, and her dance classes.

Soon they would each have more. They would have each other.

Their story is told in their own words. But it is more than a he said-she said confrontation. For he was born at the beginning of the Baby Boom, and she was born at the end of the Baby Boom. Now, in the mid-1980s, they are a generation apart from one another. Living and working in Little Rock, Arkansas, they have far less in common than anyone might have guessed. They must learn to share their lives in the face of their many differences.

More than a love story, I Remember Amy is an account of two individuals, both growing, both learning, and both coming to terms with relationships, with forgiveness, and with acceptance.

Unveiling Revelation: a study of the Last Book of the Bible

Imagine seeing a woman and a dragon stretched across the sky. Imagine seeing four supernatural horsemen riding across the landscape, bringing death and destruction in their wake. Imagine watching as the mighty city Babylon is destroyed by enemies that used to be its friends. Best of all, imagine standing in the presence of God, surrounded by angels and saints, all singing praise to Jesus Christ the Lord and the Redeemer.

All these things happened to John the Apostle on the island of Patmos. He described his experiences in the book of Revelation, the full name of which is A Revelation of Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation is written in poetry with many odd and frightening vision. But the main theme of the book is good news: Jesus has won against all evil, and he shares his victory with his people.

In “Unveiling Revelation,” John’s book is studied by comparing it to the other sixty-five books of the Bible. After an introduction that outlines Biblical eschatology (the study of Last Things), the book breaks Revelation into sections and analyzes them one by one. More a devotional work than a commentary, it reveals the true meaning of what is described in the book of Revelation.

From Your Friends at FirstChurch

This is not just another book telling you how to make your church grow. Instead of telling, this book shows you what to do. With the help of Salvageable, Pastor Scribble has collected reports and letters and minutes from various organizations in FirstChurch. Together, they tell the story of a place where, as their motto says, “The Church comes first.”Not everyone appreciates satire. This book might not be for you. But if you want a few chuckles over the quirks and oddities in the life of a typical American congregation, this book might be exactly what you are seeking.