Books written by Salvageable

It’s All About Jesus: A Reader’s Guide to Understanding the Bible
I wrote this book for a class I was teaching, a class for church workers which was part of a series to prepare them for their work. This class was on proper interpretation of the Bible, also called hermeneutics. Because I couldn’t find any book on hermeneutics that met my needs for the class, I created this book.

Seven Mysteries of the Christian Faith
After considering for years how I would write this book, I finally made it my writing project for 2015. It includes chapters on the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation of Jesus, Redemption, Faith, and other traditional Christian teachings that are best approached as mysteries, or paradoxes, that transcend reason rather than relying on reason or falling short of reason.

Christ in Genesis

This was my writing project for 2016. It shows how the events in Genesis, from Creation to Joseph’s forgiveness for his brothers, depict the coming rescue mission of Jesus Christ. The people described in Genesis are real people, but in their lives they acted out the plan of salvation so that they and others after them could know what Jesus would one day do to save them.

Unvarnished Arkansas

This book, published by Butler Center Books, tells the story of nine famous people from Arkansas. You might know about Bill Clinton, Sam Walton, and Johnny Cash. You probably don’t know about the woman who slept in the basement of her museum, or the man who almost invented the airplane. Nine short biographies.