Collected thoughts about current events

  • King Charles has some mighty big shoes to fill. Elizabeth walked a delicate path of calm and firm leadership in a rapidly changing world, and she did so with grace and dignity. Of course, Charles has spent his entire life training for this job, and he has watched her example that entire time. I’m sure he will do fine.
  • Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump remains under fire in the United States. He was the first person since General Eisenhower to be nominated for the Presidency by either party who did not have incumbent President, Vice=President, Senator, or Governor on his resume. He now supports candidates for the House and Senate who likewise have not “paid their dues” by working for years under the supervision of a political party and rising through the system. This may be a major reason Democratic and Republican leaders fear Trump and work so hard against him. The issue of Top Secret documents taken from the White House by Trump and his administration reveals much about how the system functions. No one in President Biden’s staff complained that they could not do their jobs because important documents were missing. The Archivist of the United States reported missing documents and asked the Department of Justice to locate and retrieve them. Presidential papers always belong to the nation, not to the retired chief executive. For this reason, we have Presidential Libraries and Museums. But, aside from Nixon and his tapes, no former President has ever been searched for possession of secret documents from his White House years. I have not heard any comments from Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama about Trump’s papers. On the other hand, the Archivist (whose job is supposed to be nonpartisan) has not only created a fuss over Trump’s documents; he has also retired from his post, saying that he wants to be sure that President Biden appoints his successor.
  • Ukrainian forces have enjoyed moderate success this month turning back the Russian invasion and reclaiming some parts of their country. The war is far from over. Russia maintains a huge advantage in resources and manpower. Other governments are willing to provide Ukraine with weapons, but no one will be replacing the soldiers lost on the battlefield. Putin will not back down; he stepped into this mess, and he is determined to keep his foot planted where it has landed. Some small gestures in Russia call for his resignation or removal, but Putin spent years building a power structure to protect him. His welcome fall from power remains a distant possibility, not yet a near hope. When it finally happens, world leaders must be ready to help Russia reestablish itself as a democracy, a free nation, and a defender of human rights and freedoms. The term limits flouted by Putin need to be restored; the Russian people will have to learn how to function without a tyrant controlling their country.
  • Mainstream media is doing all it can to minimize the Democratic Party’s loss of power in the coming mid-term election. As always in American elections, voter turn-out will be key. Generally, the party which lost the most recent presidential election has greater success drawing its supporters to the ballot box. Enormous efforts are underway to inspire liberal Americans to vote this November. The majority of Americans—those who are pro-life, who prefer limited government, and who favor a recovered economy over gifts from the government—must remember to cast their ballots and to encourage their families and friends (and all those who agree with them) to do the same. J.

5 thoughts on “Collected thoughts about current events

  1. Those are some well-considered thoughts. I have never thought much of the royals, but the Brits need a tourist attraction, I suppose. Otherwise, I thought you made some good points.

    I had not heard the bit about the Archivist of the United States. That guy reeks of a stinking bias.

    Battlefield attrition and destruction makes long wars especially painful. A war can rip all the young and healthy men out of a nation. Add that to the property damage, and the suffering in Ukraine can only grow with time. That is another reason I find Biden so despicable. He and his ilk let these wars drag on for no good reason. I think they do it just so they can reward their cronies in the defense sector. Some people will do anything for power and wealth.

    There is more — much more — to elections than just voting. We must campaign for the best candidate. Of course, we must encourage our family, friends, and neighbors to become informed and vote. In addition, we must participate in the process. If we can we must do things like volunteering to work at the polls and helping to count the vote.

    The Democratic Party is not an ethical organization. Democrat politicians clearly don’t respect our nation’s laws. We have seen indisputable evidence of that. Even though they take an oath to enforce our nation’s laws, when it suits them they don’t enforce our laws. Instead, they only enforce the laws they like, and they even make up stuff to use the law to persecute their political opponents. They ignore the crimes committed by their cronies even when their guilt is obvious.

    Democrat politicians have cheated, do cheat, and will cheat; and we must commit ourselves to stopping them.

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    • I agree with all that you wrote. But I am disappointed with the Republicans who would rather cling to their established power than open their party to the people, to those who are not “serious candidates” because they have not invested enough money and support to the Republicans in charge. Getting the Democrats out of power is important, but they must be replaced with leaders who put the country first, who support the people, not merely with those who have proved themselves to be “good Republicans.” J.


      • The RINOs are slowly be shoved out, but I wish it was happening faster.

        The challenge is getting people to run who can express the Conservative message without seeming radical and raise the funds they need to get their message out. What is the solution?
        1. Average citizens must start making campaign donations.
        2. Average citizens must participate directly in the Republican Party.

        Currently, the vast majority of campaign donations comes from the wealthy. That is the primary reason politicians don’t pay much attention to average citizens. We don’t put our money where our mouth is. We just belly ache.

        We belly ache foolishly. Almost every county and city government has a unit of the Republican Party, but very few participate. Most people don’t even take the time to learn how our political system works. We only have a superficial knowledge and that dangerous because we think we know more than we do.

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      • Tom, This is true. But in many places, the party structure (whether Democrat or Republican) seems designed to bar the average citizen from participation. Money speaks loudly in both parties. J.


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