An experiment in alternate history: part two

Play along once again as I try to picture how things could be different today….

Imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump won the election back in November 2020. Almost instantly challenges are filed in six states claiming that ballots were excluded because of minor discrepancies making them irregular and suspicious. Lawyers appear before judges demanding recounts and the reversal of decisions made by vote counters, but judges refuse to involve themselves in the election process. As a result, Donald Trump is certified as the winner of the 2020 election and is inaugurated for a second term on January 20, 2021.

Does Joe Biden fade into the background, as Al Gore did a score of years earlier, or does he remain in the public light, insisting that the election was stolen from him? If he takes the second course, how does the mainstream media respond to his accusations? Do they insist that the 2020 election was the fairest election in history, or do they cast aspersions on the election officials who discarded irregular and suspicious ballots? Do they label Biden’s position the “Big Lie” and repeatedly ask why anyone believes him, or do they support him with suggestions that somehow the democratic process was corrupted by a refusal to include ballots that were irregular and suspicious?

Imagine a rally supported by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party—I’ll pretend it happened on January 7 rather than January 6—questioning the official tally from the election and demanding that Congress refuse to accept the results of that election. How many people would turn out to protest in that case, and how calm would they be? If a small number of the demonstrators breached security at the Capitol and entered the building, how much damage might they cause? Would an investigation be held the summer after the demonstration? Would the patriotism of every American present at that demonstration be questioned by political leaders and by the media? Would Biden and other political leaders be held responsible for the actions of their supporters if federal property was damaged or if people were injured or killed?

After a close election, and with an evenly-divided Congress, how successful would President Trump be in continuing to pursue his policies? Would all his political appointments be meekly accepted by Congress, or would opposition be registered against advisors who were viewed as overly favorable to Trump and his policies? How much support from Congress and from the media would Trump be given as he continued negotiating agreements with China, with Russia, and with other governments, all designed to put American interests ahead of internationalism? Would Trump be able to generate a plan to repair and improve America’s infrastructure, a goal he stated during his first term and reiterated during the campaign? And what would be the effect of American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan be during Trump’s second term? Would he continue to withdraw American soldiers from those battlegrounds, or would he leave some of them in place to support the governments America helped to form in those nations?

How would your life be different today if Donald Trump was still President of the United States? I’m curious; I really want to know. J.

10 thoughts on “An experiment in alternate history: part two

  1. I honesty think if the Democrats lost we would have something like January 6th, but worst, the media would support it and erode the foundation of government itself


  2. All I know is this is all part of God’s perfect plan, even when we don’t see it that way. There will always be division unless the two parties can come to reasonable terms. That is as likely as a heat wave in Iceland. Knowing that our all knowing God is our real leader, that He’s consistent and beyond our comprehension should give us confidence that everything will be taken care of. Only He can bring order out of chaos.

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  3. These are harder questions than your last post, Salvageable! If Trump were President, rioting and antifa would have continued, but we would not be going into our second year of lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandates would not be a thing, schools would be open, and life would be returning to “normal.”

    In other words we would not be living in a failed nation state, under a stolen election coup, watching our civil rights erode, getting broker by the minute, going bankrupt, and just praying a foreign nation doesn’t invade or hasn’t already invaded. It’s scary.

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    • Funny how the rioting has come to an end, and attention has turned to the way we talk about equality (or equity) to schoolchildren. Amazing how willing the other side is to pay higher prices for everything so long as their people are in control. J.

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  4. Wish it had been so. Now how many will have learned from their/our mistakes. I read Daniel’s prayer of repentance this morning. It is powerful the way he prayed as if he were one of the messed up crew. I see a lot of errors from my generation; but it looks good in comparison. In comparison, however, can lead one right down a terrible slope straight to the swamp.

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    • We confess our mistakes, seek forgiveness from the One who forgives, and find true victory over evil in His work. Then we go out and do our best to do his will in this world. That includes stewardship of our resources, feeding the hungry and speaking up for the oppressed, and continuing to find and elect the best leaders available while praying for whoever the voters put in positions of power. J.

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