Birth announcement

My first grandchild was born this week. Mother (and father) and baby are all doing well. Those who are interested have already been given information about length and weight and time of birth. These statistics are less important than the report that all are in good health. (Time of birth is especially arbitrary, given the reality of time zone and of Daylight Saving Time.)

I am careful not to say that I became a grandfather this week. My daughter and her husband are firm, and rightly so, to say that their daughter has been a person for some months as she developed before birth. They celebrated their first Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day this spring, and they have gently corrected those people who suggest that they became parents at the birth of their daughter, as if she was less than a person prior to being born.

I was not able to be there this week for the occasion of her birth. But several members of the family will be making the pilgrimage next week to be present when she is born again in Holy Baptism. (I am prepared to give a Biblical explanation of infant baptism to anyone who is interested, but that is not my reason for writing this evening.) The baby will meet her family and no doubt be passed from one person to another. Not all the family can make the trip this month; other family members hope and plan to visit later in the year.

The trip there and back will take several days, so after the coming weekend I will have a short vacation from blogging and other online activities. I could find ways to remain active online, but I am choosing instead to take this vacation. It will be good for me to be free from social media for a few days, and I’m sure that I will catch up with anything important once I find my way back home.

Meanwhile, this weekend I have some writing to do—some continuation of blogging themes, and some other writing that needs to be done. I will even take some work with me—writing to read and edit and prepare for publication, as time permits during the trip. You can expect a flurry of posts in the next three days or so before Salvageable falls silent for a time. God willing, I shall return.

Meanwhile, my family and I celebrate the gift and miracle of new life. J.

18 thoughts on “Birth announcement

  1. YAY!!!!! Congratulations to all the Salvageables 🥰🤣
    And I absolutely love that— they they been parents these prior 9 months!! Darn right they have as there was indeed necessary care then as now!!!!
    Happy Christening or Baptism — as a cradle Episcopalian I know all about baby’s being sprinkled just so 🥰😍

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  2. Congratulations, Grandpa. You will soon realize that being a grandparent is one of the best gifts of God. I think He especially saves the honor for our later years so we can slow down and enjoy the ride.

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  3. Yes, yes. Celebrate. Wonderful idea of the parents celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Days although the little one had not yet made its pubic appearance. Happy for you. Lord willing your community of blogging friends will hold together until you get back.

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  4. Hearty congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! Our first, snd so far only, granddaughter turned two recently. Out lives are enriched beyond words, and I’m glad yours will be too.

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