I dreamed a dream

I have vivid and memorable dreams, this year more than ever before. I have dreamt about family members, both living and dead. I have dreamt about friends and co-workers, both present and from the past. I have invented people, such as Lori the cheerleader. But last night’s dream was one to remember, as I got to hang out with the Beatles, as they were in 1964.

I met the four of them in the audience section of an otherwise empty theater, but then I took them home for lunch. The home I took them to was the house in which I grew up. We ate in the living room (which is odd, upon reflection; my family always ate at the dining room table), and I gave them direction to the bathroom at the end of the hall. We ate lightly—deli meat on white bread, with lettuce and tomato on the side. But then the dream shifted, as dreams often do, and we were seated in a restaurant. I remember that we were served an appetizer of fried onions covered with mushrooms and gravy. But I was with the Beatles—John, Paul, George, and Ringo, just as we know them from A Hard Days Night and other film footage from that year.

In my dreams, I have sat and talked with Presidents—not yet with President Biden, but with most of the other Presidents in my lifetime. I have played basketball with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and the rest of the 1990s Chicago Bulls. (That dream was in the 90s; after I awoke, I concluded that I had taken the place of Judd Buechler on the team.) I have watched tornadoes, and I have fled from sinister forces that were chasing me for no good purpose. I have discovered rooms and entire levels of houses in which I lived, fully furnished and free of dust even though they had been forgotten for years. I have traveled roads that began with me behind the wheel of a car but ended with me following narrow trails on foot. I have climbed mountains and forded streams, although I do not recall ever following a rainbow. I have had cats and dogs speak to me.

But having lunch with the Beatles is an experience I will not quickly forget. J.


13 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream

  1. I want to let you know that I’ve been enjoying reading your book. It’s particularly comforting right now, as I’m enduring a bout of shingles. Chapters 12 and 13 really hit the spot. Thanks.

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    • I’m glad to learn that the book is helpful. Thank you for your comment. I had a case of the shingles some years ago. I remember that it was miserable for a while. Eventually things get better. God’s blessings to you. J.

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  2. Sounds like a giant adventurer in your head trying to get out. 😀 Last night I dreamed my great granddaughter (about six yrs) had a pistol on the side table by her bed. I climbed stairs to get to her room. I was horrified to think how easy it would have been for her to shoot me as she heard me coming up the stairs. Maybe this gun control thing is bothering me. But no, I stick to the 2nd Amendment. But we probably ought to make it harder for six years old to get hold of them.

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  3. You have very interesting dreams! Beatles and the Bulls. Can’t go wrong there! 🙂 Have you ever thought about what God may be saying to you through them? I’ve found that when I have vivid, or reoccuring, dreams, God is using the symbolism to tell me something I may not be able to hear while I’m awake.

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    • Well, God knows that I enjoy the Beatles and their music. I’m not sure what lunch with the Beatles of 1964 would mean in a message from God. Unlike Nebuchadnezzar and the Pharaoh of Egypt, I read the Bible each day and seek God’s messages there. He is more likely to call my attention to a passage in his Word, where he has promised to be found, than in a dream, I believe. (Sola Scriptura all the way!) So far as I can tell, dreams are opportunities for our minds to explore our hopes and our fears, a problem-solving experience which tends to be coded according to our own perceptions. The Lord can do anything he chooses–he can communicate through dreams when it pleases him to do so–but I really think this dream was more about the Beatles and less about faith or theology. J.

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