Social media distancing

This week one of my cousins sent me a message on Facebook, commenting that I have been quiet lately and asking if everything is all right. I waited a couple of days, then replied to her message, saying that I have been spending little time on Facebook recently. I proceeded to suggest that avoiding Facebook was good for my blood pressure.

I was tempted to go on to say that avoiding Facebook is also good for handling anxiety and depression and maintaining sobriety, but I didn’t want to concern her.

Actually, I have been lurking on Facebook, just not posting or commenting or even liking posts. When I feel my patience dwindling, I quickly turn off Facebook and visit somewhere else. Another of my cousins posted a link to the news story about the five hundred children from Mexico who were taken to the US border and left unclaimed; their parents still cannot be located. This cousin proceeded to say that anyone who still supports President Trump should unfriend him immediately. I was tempted, but I neither unfriended my cousin nor commented on his post. It is better to ignore such provocations and move on than to get involved in ugly political debate.

I am looking forward to election night—partly because of my ongoing interest in national politics, and partly in hope of a sense of closure for the year’s ugliness. I realize that I will probably go to bed that night not yet knowing who won the election—in fact, it might take days to count all the votes and declare a winner in the “swing states.” The media outlets that constantly remind us how far ahead Candidate Biden is in the polls and how desperate President Trump’s campaign must be feeling will have egg on their faces again next month, as the polls once again fail to judge correctly which Americans bother to vote and which have an opinion which they will not express with their ballots. Voter turnout will be key; President Trump motivated many citizens who do not usually vote to take part in the process four years ago. With the help of the national media, he may be drawing those same voters—who did not vote in 2018—to cast their ballots once again in his favor.

Last night during the debate, President Trump predicted not only that he will win the election but that Republicans will again reclaim the House of Representatives. Obviously, for President Trump that is a best case scenario. The national media not only expects the Democrats to keep the House but thinks that they might gain a narrow majority in the Senate as well. Once again, voter turnout will be the key. The campaigns and their advertisements are no longer designed to win over undecided voters; their purpose at this point is to motivate voters and persuade them to express their feelings with their votes.

Last night’s debate presented the President Trump that the Republicans want voters to see and also the Candidate Biden that Republicans want voters to see. Citizens who watched the debate saw a President who is in control, understands the issues, and has answers for the empty rhetoric of his opponent. They also saw a candidate who hesitates and stammers under pressure, who renounces several of the passions of his base supporters, and whose motivational campaign statements are becoming increasingly tired and worn.

We are still at the point where anything can happen. When the election results are announced, many people will be unhappy. My family is preparing as if for a winter storm, making sure we have enough supplies to shelter in place for several days in November. Somehow, by God’s grace, we will get through this together, and when the smoke clears, we will still have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. J.

15 thoughts on “Social media distancing

    • The story has an interesting coda. When I was living in Chicago, I met two elderly ladies who remembered my home town. They used to ride the train out there and play at a house that had an ice pond. It turns out it was the same house I remember! J.


  1. This is my prediction:

    Your incumbent President will win, if not by a landslide, at least by a solid majority.

    The Democrats will, of course, lose their freakin’ minds and all sorts of shenanigans will follow. I expect them to spin a story about how Trump either “stole” the election (it’s so UNFAIR!!), or he lost, and is refusing to peacefully transfer power. The media will happily play along. I fully expect violent demonstrations, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a coup is attempted (which will be spun as a “rescue” of the country). It will all be designed to push the President into a corner so that no matter how he responds to the shenanigans, he will look like he’s affirming their false narrative.

    There’s a lot at stake for the Democrats in this election, the entire party is collapsing under the weight of trying to keep their corruption under wraps. They can’t afford to NOT contest the election – they know very well that if their criminal activities come to light, they’re DONE, they’re going to prison. So yeah, I fully expect them to use every dirty trick in the book to fight this to the bitter end. It’s gonna get ugly.

    America, you are already at civil war in your country. It’s a cold war, for sure, but you have two competing factions with two competing ideologies, both fighting for control over what your country should fundamentally BE. At least one side wants to totally crush the other, so that it can never rise again. That’s war. Though I hope to never see it, I think it’s only a matter of time before this conflict goes “hot”. Based, you know, on how these things historically go.

    Sometimes the Lord himself uses violence to put an end to evil. The OT bears this out plainly; our God is not afraid to use violence against a people – even his OWN people – when their wickedness becomes too much to bear. This is an uncomfortable – but nonetheless biblical – truth.

    I don’t think it’s outside of the realm of possibility that the Lord might just say, “Hey, if war is what you want, then war is what you shall have”. It’s not what I hope and pray for, of course, and I hope that as a people, America will overcome her conflicts without violence.

    But in my gut, I have a feeling that there will be blood before this is all over.

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