I have a dream

It began at a gas station. I had just filled the gas tank of my car, and I was prepared for a long drive home. I had not been home for a while, and I was looking forward to returning.

The service road was crowded with traffic, so I had to wait a bit for a gap before I could leave. But soon I was on my way, merging onto the Interstate. Almost immediately I passed some construction, and some of the vehicles in front of me pulled over into the site, but I kept on driving.

The next thing I knew, I was on Washington Street in my childhood hometown. Some trees next to the street were in bloom, covered with flowers. I pulled a branch to my face and sniffed, but I smelled no odor.

After that I was home. I knew people were sleeping, so I was moving quietly from room to room. Suddenly, I heard the Beatles singing “Paperback Writer.” I knew that my alarm was going off, and my first thought was worry that the alarm had been playing every morning while I was away.

Then I woke. My alarm was playing “Paperback Writer,” as I had set it to do last night. I had not been away from home, and my alarm had not been disturbing my family during my absence.

Most of the dream makes sense: my returning home after an absence, my departure somewhat delayed by traffic, passing through construction—all that I understand. But I am trying to decipher the odorless flowers close to home.

Any suggestions? J.

10 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. The flowers were in bloom already, but the smell was missing to make the image complete. Could be all you need to do is have a little patience and faith for something truly beautiful (and complete) to await you.

    Or (I am so on a roll here) because the blooming trees were in your childhood hometown, perhaps the lack of smell means that some past memories are beautiful and worth having, but the here and now provides the full experience and you should focus on that.

    I don’t know, really, but what strikes me most is the absence of smell making the imagery incomplete.

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    • That’s one possibility. Another possibility is that something is looking for me and hasn’t found me still. But I was also wondering if my twisted mind was trying to convey some message about scentless and senseless.
      By the way, Brian, I was on your site this morning and WordPress called me “Anonymous” instead of Salvageable. Only on your site. It was weird. J.

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