Saint Rodney

I met Rodney at a time that I needed the very inspiration he offered.

I had been accepted into graduate school during my last year of college. On a path towards a career of working in the church, I had majored in religious studies while in college. Between college and graduate school, I took a summer job at a Christian publishing company.

The transition from college to graduate school was not easy for me. In college I had enjoyed the freedom to take any position and support it with evidence; in graduate school, I was expected to agree with the professors on most positions. Political turmoil within the denomination increased tension on campus: students joked that the salt shakers in the cafeteria contained microphones to transmit our conversations to the office of the school’s president, while the pepper shakers contained microphones to transmit our conversations to the office of the denomination’s president. Uncomfortable with the campus environment, I decided that winter to take the spring and summer off and to use that time to decide whether to return in the fall.

Those months away from school I shared an apartment with a friend, working an evening job in fast food and a daytime job at the Christian publishing company where I had worked the previous summer. Meanwhile, Rodney had been hired at the publishing company. He was of Japanese-Hawaiian origin and was a large man who had been a sumo wrestler and had played on the offensive line for the University of Hawaii’s football team. He was not yet a Christian during his college years, and he had abused alcohol and drugs at that time, causing chronic health problems that would continue to plague him later in life.

Rodney became a Christian and then became a pastor in Hawaii. Here is the kind of pastor Rodney was: he had given his name and telephone number to the downtown bartenders so that, if they had a customer who was despondent and needed help, the bartenders could call Pastor Rodney and he would drive to the bar and provide Christian counseling. The spring we met, Rodney was taking graduate classes at a Christian college and also receiving regular medical treatment for the failure of his kidneys.

Our boss called Rodney his dreamer. Every week Rodney had a new plan for his life, a new thought about how he could be involved in Christian outreach, bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were lost. He was waiting for a kidney transplant, but he had already declined offers of live donors, preferring to trust the Lord and medical treatments to carry him until a suitable kidney was available. Rodney spoke with wonder about the form of dialysis he was receiving, one that used the abdominal cavity to provide the filtering he needed for his blood. He spoke of it as a God-given back-up kidney hidden in the human body.

Rodney died while receiving treatment at the hospital on May 6.

His infectious enthusiasm for serving the Lord and his Church contributed to my decision to return to school that fall and muddle through the program until I received my degree and certification. Every year I remember Saint Rodney on May 6, and I thank God for the part Rodney had in my professional development. J.

15 thoughts on “Saint Rodney

  1. I have been on peritoneal dialysis for over 5 years. I finally got called for a transplant about 6 weeks ago (at 2am) but 20 minutes later, the surgeon decided that the kidney was not a good fit. When I finally fell back to sleep, I had the most vivid dream – a young man walking towards me holding a plastic bag filled with what looked like blood. This is what he said to me, “My name is Rodney and I have your kidney.” Then I woke up but I remember those words so clearly. I don’t know anyone named Rodney but yesterday, my husband said something about maybe a Saint Rodney. Your blog popped up when I did a search. I don’t know what this all means but I have a feeling that somehow, Rodney is protecting my donor’s kidney – whoever he or se may be.

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    • I’m glad that more account of my friend Rodney has given you some reason for hope. I trust that what you need will be provided at the right time. When that happens, please let me know. God works in mysterious ways! J.


  2. 😔 I’m hoping this isn’t where my memoir is heading. In March, I learned that I have stage 2 kidney disease. I drafted a list of foods to avoid — and it was all the things I can still eat after developing severe food allergies in ’13. Needless to say, especially if you’ve read about my battle with binge eating, I haven’t stopped eating them.

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