Can Trump be defeated?

CNN wants to be known as the child who observes that the emperor has no clothes. Instead, CNN is increasingly acting as the boy who called wolf. Every week we receive shrill warnings about the end of the Trump administration. Investigations will reveal terrible things that happened in the White House over the last two years, or that happened during the presidential campaign in 2016. Those who have left the administration have secrets to share, and those secrets will topple Trump’s government. Congress will Impeach him and convict him, or else he will resign before that happens. President Trump has no future.

So many Democrats believe this that those in Congress are prepared to open new investigations. They are eager to question every former Trump advisor and assistant. Meanwhile, dozens of Democrats are opening campaigns to run for President. Each of them is convinced that he or she is the one who can defeat Donald Trump in a one-on-one election. They are prepared to battle each other for that privilege. They are convinced that, by November 2020, the country will be so tired of Donald Trump that they will accept any replacement.

“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” Richard Nixon was very unpopular in the early months of 1971. Many people, even in the White House, assumed that Nixon would be a one-term President. This, of course, was before he visited China and the Soviet Union. More important, it was before George McGovern was nominated by the Democrats. Nixon won the electoral college votes of forty-nine states in one of the most one-sided elections in American history.

Ronald Reagan was unpopular in the early months of 1983. The country was still struggling from inflation and unemployment. Many blamed Reagan’s economic policies for the nation’s woes. But by the summer of 1984, the economy was strong again. This time the Democrats nominated the bland former Vice-President Walter Mondale, and Reagan repeated Nixon’s accomplishment of winning forty-nine states.

Bill Clinton was unpopular in the early months of 1995. The Republicans had just taken control of both houses of Congress. Clinton’s efforts to change the national health care system had been defeated. The White House appeared to be ready for a Republican to move in. But once again, a strong national economy and an uninspiring opponent gave the incumbent President a second term in the White House.

Democrats thought that the narrow election of George W. Bush would make it easy to defeat him four years later. They failed. Republicans thought they could make Barack Obama look like Jimmy Carter and limit him to a single term. They also failed. In the 1970s, due to the turmoil following the Vietnam War and Watergate, voters resisted the reelections of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. But Carter was largely overturned by the popular appeal of Ronald Reagan. The elder George Bush was held to a single term in spite of his popularity in early 1991. That popularity was due to victory in the Persian Gulf conflict, but by the end of 1992, the struggling postwar economy and the centrist policies of Bill Clinton denied President Bush his second term.

If, in the next fifteen months, the Democrats are able to identify a candidate with the personal charm and middle-of-the-road politics of Bill Clinton, they might remove Donald Trump from the White House. But if the voters in the Democratic primaries favor a left-wing candidate, they will lose the general election. If they choose the candidate who promises the most from government, the candidate who offers to tax the rich in order to take care of everyone else, Donald Trump will repeat Richard Nixon’s comeback of 1972. President Trump has positioned himself well to maintain his base. He can say that he has tried harder than any recent President (indeed, than any recent politician) to keep all his campaign promises. When he failed to deliver, it was not his fault. So long as Trump can point to a strong economy, to improved trade agreements with other countries, and to similar successes, he will have the support of enough voters to keep his job.

Congressional investigations and shrill news stories about suspected corruption will not overturn this presidency. Americans are already bored by these stories. We are ready to move on. So long as opposition to the President keeps playing the same tune, fewer and fewer American citizens will join them on the dance floor. History says so. And some people have forgotten to study their history. J.

20 thoughts on “Can Trump be defeated?

    • That’s true, Becky… although no one really knows how many Perot voters would have voted for Bush, how many would have voted for Clinton, and how many would have stayed home. J.


      • That’s also true, Salvageable. But given that Perot was more right than left, it’s a pretty good guess that most of his votes would have gone to Bush. I was crushed in that election because I had believed the liberal direction that threatened to take hold of the US was not God’s will. Shows what I knew! Sometimes God simply turns us over to the desires of our hearts and we have to suffer the consequences of our own choices.

        I will say this, though. The following midterm election flipped the script in Congress so that we moved from a conservative in the White House and a liberal-minded legislative body, to the reverse.

        In all of these years since, I’ve become convinced more than ever that salvation is not in government. God can use government, but my faith and hope are always and only to be in Him.



  1. Great post Salvageable! One minor quibble is that I don’t think for a second Democrats are conducting all these investigations because of shameless “news” outlets like CNN. It’s obvious they are on an extended fishing expedition, where impeachment by a thousand cuts is the end goal. That’s been their strategy since Trump got elected.

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    • Not to say that the Democrats are responding to CNN and other news outlets; but the news outlets are creating a climate in which Trump is made to appear guilty of all sorts of crimes, and the Democrats are benefiting from that negative climate. They feed each other. J.

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  2. I believe you’re right about public opinion. Everyone is getting sick of controversy, division, scandals and investigations. Its time for our elected officials to be about the people’s business. The reason Trump won the presidency is because he was focused on cleaning up Washington and the swamp it’s become. He also hit on protection of our nation, building the economy; patriotism and brought a feeling of unity back to our base. Making America Great Again is not going to be an easy job for anyone. One man or one woman can’t do it. It’s got to be a team effort and Trump knows that. He’s put people on his staff who know what they’re doing and when they don’t perform he gets rid of them. That’s good business sense..

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    • When he was first elected, I wondered if his good business sense would cause him to walk away from the job after a few months of struggle and failure to accomplish his goals. But he is more stubborn than I realized, and he does believe that what he is doing is good for the country, not just for himself. J.

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  3. Don’t forget… no president in modern history has had so many around him get in legal trouble, and indicted and sentenced to jail time… and subsequently has had so many investigations from the testimonies of these characters, politically inspired as Congressional oversight and from real courts, with so many avenues pointing to a Trump involvement. In fact… it’s almost like Mueller’s investigation of “Russian collusion” is no where near as important as all the other investigations. That’s the history Trump is making. He hasn’t grown is base one bit in the last two years and given the Trump with all that history, Rudy, you’re forgetting one critical thing……. Trump as President has set himself so far away and out of the rank-and-file of past presidents and their administrations, that comparing Trump to anything in the past is like apples to oranges. Heck, he says so himself.

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    • I swear.. there’s that hidden key on the keyboard that when you accidentally press it, it deletes entire lines and paragraphs and never tells you. Must be a Trump keyboard.

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    • Doug, the Democrats are focusing on these other investigations because the Mueller report is shaping up to be One Giant Nothing Burger. Russian collaboration, what Russian collaboration?

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      • No one yet knows what the Mueller report is about until it’s released… although the sheer numbers of indictments and convictions of Trump-circle people seem to indicate Mueller is up to something. What you are referring to is the idea that the “collusion only” idea is going to be the least of any legal worries for Trump simply from all the testimony so far. So kinda difficult to presume there’s some “contrived” reason for the investigations under the House Dems. Now.. the fact that when the GOP was in charge did absolutely nothing pertaining to oversight.. it’s a bit of Constitutional catch up going on, don’tcha think?


    • It seems like every presidential staff is under constant investigation ever since Watergate. Do you have statistics to back the statement that more of Trumps advisors and staff have been investigated, indicted, and sentenced than any other modern president? That might not be the case. J.


    • Wally, I’m just a couple of weeks younger than you, but I also remember the Apollo astronauts walking on the moon. I hope I get a chance to see the movie Apollo 11. I missed the one about Neil Armstrong. J.

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      • I liked every part of it, from launches to splashdown. But I especially remember sitting on the living room floor and watching Neil Armstrong come down the ladder and setting his foot on the moon, saying, “That’s one small step for [a] man; one giant leap for mankind.” J.

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      • I was big into audio tape recording back in those days and I still have original off-the-tv recordings of the launch events and the landing.. and Armstrong. Nice nostalgia.. but more important… it was a bit of “good” following a year of near complete turmoil nationally.

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