Rumor control, continued

After I posted about Facebook this morning, some new information came to me which needs to be added to the previous post:

  • The name “Facebook,” said backwards, sounds like, “Kubsafe.”
  • Kubsafe was a goat-headed god worshiped by some of the indigenous people of West Africa, as well as by some of their descendants in the Caribbean islands and along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • It is said that if a person walks into a dark room, faces a mirror, and says the name of Kubsafe three times in a row without pausing, the face of the god will appear in the mirror. Under certain circumstances, that figure in the mirror may try to harm the person who has invoked him.
  • People of a certain age (or a certain level of maturity), having read this information, will try that very experiment tonight.

You have been warned. J.

12 thoughts on “Rumor control, continued

    • This actually reminded me of an event that occurred when my kids were smaller. We homeschooled at the time and had been studying world history. Our neighbor girls, who went to public school, came over and the topic of “Bloody Mary” came up. The neighbor girls, thinking of some slumber party legend about mirrors and saying her name three times, asked my girls if they’d heard of it, and one of mine replied, “I have. That was so sad.” You should have seen them trying to figure out what each other were talking about – I was cracking up!!

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