A letter to President Trump

To the Honorable Donald Trump, President of the United States:


Many people in our country are talking about the large number of Central Americans (now estimated to include 6,000 people) crossing Mexico on the way to the United States border. This situation brings to mind the 160,000 Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon to North Vietnam, and also the 125,000 Cuban refugees who left Cuba in 1980 for the United States. In both cases they were fleeing Communist governments and were welcomed into the United States. But the procedure used to resettle them is one that could be repeated this year. As you no doubt remember, both the Vietnamese and the Cuban refugees were temporarily housed in US military facilities where they could be interviewed and processed, and troublemakers could be isolated. At the same time, sponsors were sought for each individual or family—sponsors who would watch over their resettlement, help them find jobs and adjust to American life, and keep them from causing trouble in their new home. Sponsors included families, church groups, other charitable organizations, and many humanitarians who wanted to assist these foreigners who wished to become American citizens.

I believe the same thing can be done with these Central Americans who say that they want to become American citizens. In addition to border guards and Army reinforcements, the people in these caravans could be met by Spanish-speaking clerks from Immigration who would help them to fill out paperwork to request permission to entry our county legally. Sponsors could be recruited within the United States—perhaps calling the bluff of those who are saying for political reasons that we should not try to stop these people from coming. These six thousand people who say they want to live in the United States could become a resource making America even stronger and greater, as waves of immigrants (including the Vietnamese and the Cubans) have done in the past.

Meanwhile, this is a tremendous opportunity to remind our own citizens and the other countries of the world of the greatness of America. Since no one is sure who is organizing and supporting these caravans, some Americans are beginning to accuse the Russians or some other foreign power of trying to embarrass the United States. What an excellent time this is to ask why thousands of people are not trying to enter Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The United States is a great country, and the rest of the world knows it, whether they admit to it or not.

You remain in my prayers as you continue in your difficult job as the President of all the citizens of the United States of America.


6 thoughts on “A letter to President Trump

  1. I want to understand. I do want things equal and legal. And reasonable compassion.. My compassion is more with the legal. I would like to see the number of “legals” increased. If we can absorb illegals we certainly should do it for the legals. Do I understand? Will these 4-5 thousand have their paper work put in behind those? And they would have to meet the same requirement as far as money, security, birth certificates, vaccination proof – that sort of thing? If they would, it seems workable. But in that case, why not come that way from their point of origin? It is an awfully hard way to get here when one could have gone to the Embassy (or wherever one makes application to enter). If it is really a matter of having to hurry because of real danger, then why not accept asylum from Mexico, or ever ask in the first neighboring country. Maybe they just didn’t know how to do it other than what they were told. But that takes some telling like in organizing which indicates an Organizer, We are told there was not. Every avenue I see just leads to another question.
    I do agree with you on your comment. Same requirements, but get the paperwork moving.

    Last year 1.38 million Mexican citizens were waiting in line for a United States work visa or an immigration visa through a family member. But there were only 26,000 visas made available for Mexico last year. http://blog.al.com/breaking/2011/07/14_million_mexicans_waiting_to.html Looks to me like we need to “jack up” our always deficient government paper work. Maybe that should be “privatized” to become more efficient. Whatever the problem, the legislature needs to get to work on it.. But we certainly need to stop the flow until something gets changed. Under Democratic control, it was easier to ignore the law. Too many Republicans are also willing to go that route.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I want to do some research about how the laws have changed and whether the numbers have changed since 2010 (the year only 26,000 visas were granted to Mexicans). It certainly seems likely that many of these Central American refugees would be lacking in paperwork and clearly are unable to pay any fees. But those who want to be their vocal advocates can surely organize a funding campaign to provide vaccinations, assist with paperwork, and take the other necessary steps to help. People like that were available in 1975 and in 1980; surely they exist today.
      As for the question about who is organizing these caravans: given some conversations I had yesterday, I have been persuaded that the organizing is being done by a government hostile to the United States, probably not one in the Western hemisphere (also Cuba or Venezuela could be involved). J.


      • Thanks for the open answers to my questions. Yes, I would love you to do research and tell us the facts. So many sources I do not trust. The saying, “Figures don’t lie but liars figure.” You might get around to running for an office yet.


  2. So these people are allowed to enter ahead of the ones in line legally? We give the priorities to the ones who force their way through? Then do away with the legal procedure and handle them all as you describe. Make it all equal Every one can come without a birth certificate or medical vaccinations. Make it equal.

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    • By no means put them at the head of the line, but by all means put them in the line. Have them do the same paperwork that others must do to enter the country. Show them that law and order can work with compassion, and that compassion can work with law and order. J.

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