Watch your language!

Some people believe that the world has become more crass and vulgar in recent times. I have recently noticed evidence to the contrary. In fact, one might consider these two incidents to be examples of delicacy (or perhaps political correctness) run amuck.

The first example comes from the grocery store. I am making a German dinner this weekend, featuring sauerbraten. The recipe calls for a cut of beef called “rump roast.” I discovered that the grocery store now describes this cut as “bottom cut roast.” “Bottom cut” instead of “rump”—seriously?

A few weeks ago, right after Burt Reynolds died, two DJs on the radio were talking about movies he had made, and one of them mentioned “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” which also starred Dolly Parton. Except that the producer of the show bleeped out the first syllable of “whorehouse” every time one of the DJs uttered the title. Noticing this, the DJ expressed his surprise that the name of the movie could have been advertised back in the 1980s.

Basic courtesy toward other people causes many of us to avoid crude and insulting terms in our speaking and our writing. Even the Bible warns us to be careful how we speak. Modern translations of the Bible always use the words rooster and donkey when naming those creatures, although some traditional hymns and carols still include the one-syllable synonyms for those names, terms that were included in the Authorized Version of the Bible (the King James translation). Since I remember the nervous giggling those terms provoked in teen Bible class years ago, I do not mind the newer words.

But—again—“bottom cut”—seriously?

One wonders what the main cut of white meat from chicken and other poultry will soon be called if this trend continues. J.

19 thoughts on “Watch your language!

  1. Here is what I think is going on. Because the current generations of Americans are much less Bible literate than previous generations, we have more trouble discerning good and evil. Hence when some clowns start virtue signalling, what previous generations would have laughed at we take seriously. Hurting someone’s feeling has become a far greater concern than actually being able to communicate clearly. Calling anyone a sinner will, if current trends continue, be outlawed. Won’t Satan delight in that?

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  2. There have been many edible items in my country that have recently been renamed, such as “Jew’s Cookies” (I don’t know why they were called that in the first place, perhaps because originally they came from their religious bakings? I really don’t know). “Negro’s Kisses” have been renamed to “Kisses” or “Chocolate Kisses”, which caused a relatively big discussion in the Netherlands but seems to make sense to me. And of course we have Black Peter, Saint Nicholas’ helper. His skin is black, but I was always told that was because he had to go up and down the chimney so many times a night, and to my child’s brains it made sense that you would come out pitch black if you did that. Still, I think it’s a good thing they’re redoing “Peter” (they’re giving him more colours now, like blue and yellow and green and such), especially because there are only a few households left who actively use their chimneys, what with central heating and such, so that story is making less and less sense.
    I don’t think kid’s minds are naturally set for discrimination purposes, but we shouldn’t necessarily want to insult people who are feeling discriminated against, not if there’s such an easy way to fix all that.

    Still, I am awaiting the day someone will start a petition to rename “white custard” (which is called white because it is literally white). When that day comes, I think I’ll move to another country. I mean, there’s problems and there’s problems.

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  3. So funny how political correctness has everyone on edge. Were told to be tolerant of everything. We won’t connect our country with that. The old soap in the mouth routine for rude language has its merits.

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  4. Well, allow me to be coarse here J. I get in trouble quite often for saying “piss.” As in, “I gotta piss.” I just respond that, since we love our KJV, that my word is quite Biblical. I still get in trouble LOL. Also, feel free to trash this comment if it crossed the coarseness line; I will totally understand. Be blessed, my friend.

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