What President Trump is doing

Mainstream media now reports that the White House staff is piecing together scraps of paper that President Trump has shredded by hand. United States law requires the preservation of these papers, even though the President has acted to destroy them. I hope that the staff has consulted with professionals from the National Archives about these scraps of paper. If they are using transparent tape to reassemble the scraps, the long-term damage to those papers will be far greater than if they just took each set of scraps and stored them in an envelope or file folder.

Mainstream media reports situations like this to try to create and promote the idea that Donald Trump is unworthy to remain President. Like the Democratic party (who, ironically, just telephoned and asked me for one hundred dollars to reverse the course of Trump’s administration while I was typing the previous paragraph), many members of the mainstream media are not willing to accept the decision made by American voters in November 2016. I did not vote for Trump in the primaries or the general election that year, and if he was up for reelection this year I would not vote for him. But he is President—he deserves respect from all citizens, including those who report the news. Trump is, in fact, doing an admirable job of playing to the dark side of the mainstream media. Responding to him, the media sounds shrill, petty, and obsessive. They are helping the President keep the support of those who elected him—Nixon’s silent majority, the Reagan Democrats, the voters who usually tilt “blue” when casting their votes but will swing toward a conservative who seems to understand and relate to common Americans.

Donald Trump’s success is neither as a businessman nor as a politician, but as an entertainer. Years ago he discovered how to build a popular image of himself and keep it in front of the American people. A businessman in the White House would strive to maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere and present it as such to the public. Trump knows that the people really want drama and excitement. He provides it. His legendary ego and bluster are all part of an act that he performs for the American people, and his supporters love him for it.

In 2020, Trump will be able to campaign with the statement that he kept every promise he made the voters in 2016, or that at least he tried. Where promises have not been kept, Trump can blame Congress and the courts, and Trump’s supporters will trumpet his honesty and reliability as a man of his word. On issue after issue—from immigration to tariffs—Trump has held to his word and allowed others to take the blame for derailing his actions. When he is wrong, Trump does not need to admit it. He can blame his opponents for blocking his plans, and then he can turn to another issue.

Dealing with leaders of other nations, Trump has kept his promise to put the United States first. He has taken risks that no other leader would take, and he has prevailed. His strategy of brinksmanship plays well to his political base. While the mainstream media threatens that Armageddon is just around the corner, Donald Trump has continued to chart his own course and achieve his goals.

Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy was summarized by this adage: Speak softly and carry a big stick. Donald Trump speaks loudly, but it works for him. It gets him votes. It keeps everyone’s attention. It makes it unlikely that the Democratic party will find a candidate who can defeat Trump when he runs for reelection in 2020. J.

12 thoughts on “What President Trump is doing

  1. Good analogy, but the Democrats will certainly try very hard to take back the White House. First they want Congress. If they do well during the Nov. election, they will pull out all stops to regain the Presidency. Interestingly, I read in one conservative online publication that liberals supported the gun law march so that they could then register all those youths as democrats. If true, it’s a pretty smart strategy.


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    • The mainstream media is promoting the possibility that the Democrats will retake Congress in November. I do not think they can claim the Senate, and I have serious doubts they can carry the House. Of course either way, they will fight hard for the White House in the next election cycle. The question remains whether they can find a candidate with the charisma of John Kennedy or Bill Clinton. Without that, they will have a hard time attracting voters, no matter how many new voters they register. J.


      • Kamela Harris. A Very Liberal senator from California. Smart. Attractive. Personable. If not in the next election, I expect her to be a candidate at some point. She reminds me of Obama before he ran. I knew hearing him at the convention that he’d one day run. I just didn’t know it would be so soon.

        But I think the Dems were disappointed with the California primary. They thought there were some Rep. house seats they could capture, but their candidates came in a distant second. Still to be decided in November, but the Reps aren’t looking so vulnerable after all.


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  2. I fear you are right on some point here. Despite being in the media in a negative way, he’s only gaining more popularity among his voters. Everyone mocking him is actually just feeding into his popularity. I wouldn’t be surprised (but still be a little upset) if he got re-elected in 2020.

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    • That reminds me of a time some years ago that I was visiting a deeply Republican family. They were going on and on about what a bad job President Obama was doing and how he was certain to be a one-term president. I asked them which Republican candidates would be able to defeat him. Things got quiet. They trotted out a few names, but admitted they all had weaknesses. As we know, the Republicans were unable to prevent Obama’s reelection. J.


  3. I didn’t vote for him either, J. And, would not if and when. But, as you said, he is seeming to be semi-effective on getting done what he wants to get done. I can almost respect that. Almost LOL. I find myself very torn, but I absolutely hate the way the media is acting towards him. Of course, I’d hate that if it was Hillary(God forbid) and they did it to her. Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?

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  4. Since he’s not my President (because I am Canadian) I don’t feel any obligation to pray for the guy or his presidency. Maybe that’s shortsighted of me, I don’t know.

    He sure made an ass of himself when he was briefly in our country over the weekend. I have a hard time agreeing that he actually cares about “putting America first”. Trump cares about putting Trump first and some of the moves he made at the G7 summit can be factually demonstrated to be *against* America’s best interests.

    It should be interesting to see how this current standoff plays out. America does not, as Trump asserts, have a trade deficit with Canada, it is the opposite that is true. I’m not entirely sure our economy could withstand a trade embargo with the US but given the state of our respective economies, I suspect that ordinary Americans will feel the brunt of it.

    I admit straight up that I don’t know a whole lot about economics or the intricacies of global trade. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if nobody wants to trade with you, you’re pretty much screwed.

    I’m not exactly a fan of my Prime Minister’s politics (don’t get me started!) but I am awfully proud of him for standing up to the bully and calling his bluff. There’s already a grassroots movement amongst ordinary Canadians to boycott American made goods. Not that these types of boycotts are terribly effective, our trade is so intertwined it’s nearly impossible to tell who’s goods are who’s…but it gives you an idea of the current climate up here. If Trudeau stands his ground, Canada will back him. To understand the significance of this, you have to understand that Canada LIKES when your dollar is strong. We benefit economically when our dollar is trading below yours. It’s actually in our best interest to help prop up the American economy and keep our own dollar low. We’re not opposed to seeing America prosper but not at the cost of untold thousands of Canadians who will be hurt by what are essentially selfish demands. It needs to be equitable or it doesn’t happen at all.

    Sorry for the l’il rant, hehe. Trump makes me all kinds of crazy!

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    • Especially as a Canadian, you have my permission to stand aside and regard Trump’s behavior as a sort of performance art. (Insert appropriate emoticon here.) J.


      • You know, you’re not wrong, I kinda have to believe that it is a performance, that it’s all for show. He’s an ass, but he’s a *clever* ass and I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, even if it leaves the rest of us bewildered!

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