Last night being the first of several at my sister’s house for a late Christmas celebration, I slept lightly, and I remembered all of my dreams in the morning. Most of them included the theme of bringing order out of chaos, needing to clean up a large area filled with trash. Sometimes the mess was at work, sometimes at home. Invariably I was aware that a few valuable items were scattered within the trash, and I feared that they would be lost. Most of the other workers in the various dreams seemed content, though, to stand around and converse aimlessly with one another rather than getting involved in the work.

Oddly enough, Kathy appeared in two of those dreams. Kathy and I attended the same elementary school and junior high school, in which we were in the same homeroom. We also attended the same high school, but followed different paths which rarely crossed. She was one of the popular girls—cheerleader, athlete, pep club, and student government. I was involved in the band and orchestra, the school newspaper, and the spring musicals. Kathy was one of the truly attractive girls in junior high and senior high school. She was lovely in appearance, but not vain, gentle in manner, kind without being condescending. She was one of a trio of girls who always sat together at the beginning of the school year, when the teacher organized the desks in alphabetic order. Later in the school year, when the teacher allowed us to choose our own desks, the three friends remained together. Only if the teacher tried to rearrange the seating to split apart friends (for better order in the classroom, or so they said) did those three become scattered; and of course many opportunities arose during the course of the day for them to reconnect—to eat lunch together, or exercise together in Physical Education, or visit in the hallways between classes.

In one of last night’s dreams, Kathy was sitting at a table when I walked past. She stood, hugged me, kissed me on the mouth, smiled and said something friendly that I can no longer remember, and then sat again. I can assure you that in all our years of school together, she never did such a thing to me—not even once.

In the later dream, she and I both knew that it was Tuesday and that the lunch that was to be served on Tuesday was particularly repulsive. I knew of a couple of good restaurants across the street from where we were cleaning, and I wanted to invite her to join me for lunch. To the end of the dream, though, I failed to work up the courage to approach her with my invitation.

This morning, with Kathy still at the edges of my memory, I typed into Google® her name and our hometown. I learned that she had graduated college, gotten married, worked as a nurse, and had two sons. She was respected and well-liked by her coworkers and the patients she served. However, Kathy died almost one year ago. The comments that followed her obituary glowed with praise for her life of service and her kind and helpful personality.

I cannot guess what brought Kathy’s image into my dreams last night. Of all my classmates from those early days of school, she is scarcely the most memorable. We never became friends, as we truly had few common interests. Of all the dreams in all the unfamiliar bedrooms in all my travels over the years, why did she have to come into mine last night? J.


8 thoughts on “Kathy

  1. Wow, how interesting! I’ve had some pretty crazy dreams too, the weirdest often involving people who I haven’t thought of in years. I guess no one truly ever leaves us as the memory holds on forever.

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  2. Very strange, but must be significant in some way. I do not assume to figure the meaning of dreams. I google dreams occasionally but seldom see any sense in what I read. However, I have had some amazing, obviously significant dreams. Those I receive and evaluate as if they may have come from God. God certainly spoke through dreams and or visions. I’m not sure how to distinguish between a dream and a vision. I believe I have had both. Whatever conclusion we make about dreams, it must meet Bible standard, we must not “drop off the deep end” just for the sake of a dream. “D Thanks salvageable for visiting me today, and leaving the like on “Don’t Give Sugar in January.”

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  3. My dreams often drive me crazy. They’re often filled with people who have passed or my children in their younger years. I often wake mid dream and try to fall asleep and finish it to no avail. Dreams can be nerve racking, frightening, riddled with anxiety. I don’t think God uses our dreams to prophesy. Sometimes I think he caused them for us to think through an issue or to make sense of something. I’ve given up trying to figure them out, but some of them have been very entertaining.
    Hopefully all of your dreams will be sweet!

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    • It seems to me that most of our dreams are either about what we fear or what we hope. The other parts of the dream, about cleaning up a messy situation, make a lot of sense. Kathy’s presence, not so much. J.

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  4. I’ve had similar dreams, not of Kathy mind you nor of loves lost per se, but about those who were once in my life and for reasons often obvious or often obscure, are no longer there.
    The same thing happened about two years ago when I had other dreamed or simply had the thought pop into my head about my mom and a friend of hers—

    When my dreams involve people who are not currently in my world or on my radar but had once had a tremendous impact on who I’ve become—those dreams are always most vivid—crazy and odd and nonsensical but very vivid and very real feeling.
    So much so that when I wake, the thoughts linger throughout the day casting a bit of melancholy on my comings and goings….as I suspect this dream has for you.

    I googled my mom’s friend. This woman had been a big part of my childhood. She would come and go out of mother’s life, but her comings were always memorable.
    She was there when mother died (mom was only 53 at her death) and helped me with dad afterwards…it had been my hope that one day, maybe she and dad could marry—because the years were passing and I knew dad was lonely, but marrying a “friend” I suppose didn’t dawn on these two. Needless to say dad did remarry and much to my frustration as it was a marriage of convenience and need for financial help from ruin for the woman…..so mom’s friend again, disappeared from our lives.

    I would often ask Dad if he knew where she’d gone or what became of her….
    Until two years ago when I googled her name and learned that she had recently died—just like mom, from lung cancer…
    It is all rather odd—

    And now your dream has me pondering again……

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