Christmas letter

Dear family and friends,

It has been great receiving your Christmas cards this year and reading your letters. Congratulations on the spectacular accomplishments of your children and on the wonderful vacations you have taken in the past year.

Our older son graduated from college eighteen months ago and is still looking for a job in his field. If you know of a laboratory or corporation that is hiring chemists, please drop him a line. Meanwhile, he continues to develop his skills mixing paint at Home Depot, which at least supplies him money for rent and groceries.

Our daughter left college last winter and spent three months in the hospital. They have changed her medication a couple of times, and she seems to have stabilized. Of course some days are harder than others for her. She was employee of the month at the McDonalds on the highway in October. Meanwhile, she remains very popular, as she receives letters and phone calls nearly every day from collection agencies that want to discuss her student loans and medical bills.

Our younger son is adjusting to life at the military academy, and his parole officer believes that he has turned the corner in making good decisions. Best of all, the owners of the car have dropped their lawsuit.

The Mrs. and I were not able to get away for a vacation this summer, although we did spend some pleasant Sunday afternoons at the free museums downtown. We also had some pleasant hikes at the two nearby state parks. We did have the opportunity to travel out of state in September for the funeral of my mother-in-law, and we agree with everyone there who said that the family ought to get together once in a while for happier occasions.

My back is steadily improving from last year’s fall down the stairs when the dog attacked me. What a relief it was to learn that the dog did not have rabies! I carry a can of pepper spray on my route now, but I haven’t had to use it yet. Of course the bag of mail has gotten a lot heavier the last two months with all the advertisements and holiday greetings. It’s such a pleasure to be back on the job, though, that I really don’t mind the extra weight.

The Mrs. sends her greetings. She has decided to stay with the housecleaning business for the foreseeable future, although most of her coworkers are younger than she is. She says that she could write a fascinating gossip column for the paper about the things she has learned about people by cleaning their houses.

I guess that’s about all the news from our household this Christmas. We wish you blessings for the new year, and we hope that 2018 is even better for all of you than 2017 has been.

Reprinted from last December with two small edits. J.

13 thoughts on “Christmas letter

  1. oh so singing my song today—-I received my cousin’s photo montage today that absolutely makes me sick…images from Italy, Norway, Holland, Italy, women protest marches in Washington….does she understand that she has the right to travel to and fro and live a lavish lifestyle in part because of this Nation that she claims is no longer hers as she hates the president….
    I send out cards…Spiritual and Religious in nature only as Christmas is not the time to send out a brag sheet…My cards are of boring things such as a woman named Mary and her husband Joseph beaming over their newly born son….little trivial things such as the birth of the Savior of all mankind…which I suppose seems mundane and boring compared to the those earthly feats of worldly travels….
    I’m just so over people bragging under the guise of Christmas…Christ’s Mass….
    Thank you for this brutally honest take on the subject…

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  2. Back in my own heyday I had a rather successful uncle who manufactured for Abbott Labs.. Laboratories.. and managed to hook up my then chem major sister for a future job at Abbott after college. She sadly fell victim to aplastic anemia acquired from poor college lab protection (benzine) and died in the 1970’s before she graduated. I mention that only as a reference to the hot jobs back in those days were places like Abbott and Health giant, Baxter-Travenol as I knew a few folks who worked there as chemists back then. A totally different world now.. but maybe dropping the names your way to pass on to your son might help… if he’s not already applied at those places.

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    • In real life, my son is a mechanical engineer, not a chemist. (And I do not deliver mail either.) But thank you for your kind and thoughtful suggestion. (And if you know of a company looking for an engineer….) J.

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