More than ten performances, and none of them a lie

I am not going to lie to you—particularly not about concerts I have attended and enjoyed.

If you spend any time on Facebook, you have probably seen those lists, “Ten concerts I attended (one of them is a lie.)” I don’t visit Facebook often—I got an account largely to keep track of my children’s lives, but it has helped me to reconnect with friends from high school and college. Seeing some of my friends reminisce about concerts brings back memories for me. But I then discovered that to list nine concerts I have attended (plus the obligatory lie), I would have to include symphony orchestras and municipal bands.

Not that I’ve never enjoyed a rock concert. I’ve been to a handful over the years, and I’m not sorry to have gone. But I’ve also let a lot of opportunities escape without regret. When I was in college, I could have gone to a Barry Manilow concert. Some of my friends were singing in his local back-up choir. I decided that I would rather catch up on homework than spend an evening with Barry Manilow. More recently I could have gone to a Pat Benatar concert. I enjoy her music, but it was an outdoor concert with summer heat and humidity and mosquitoes. I figured I would be happier at home, where I could listen to studio-made recordings of Pat Benatar in air-conditioned comfort. I also could have gone to a Paul McCartney concert. I’m a big Beatles fan; I have seen and heard Ringo Starr in concert. But I decided that even Sir Paul was not worth spending more than a hundred dollars for one ticket; I have other bills to pay.

Now if the Facebook meme was about live performances, and not just popular singers, I could name a lot more than ten. I’ve been to an opera; I’ve been to the ballet several times; and I’ve seen lots of live plays, including musicals. When I was in high school, I was even involved in some live performances. My high school put on a musical every spring with considerable success. For two years I was in the pit orchestra, playing the trombone. The first of those was Music Man, in which just three of us trombonists had to represent seventy-six trombones. I had the all-important part of creating the tuba blats for the children’s band at the end of the show. As a senior, I finally tried out for a part on stage and got to portray Horace Vandergelder in the classic Hello, Dolly!

I could list a great many musicals I’ve seen performed live over the years, from high school and college productions to community theater to traveling professional shows. Some I saw during the height of their popularity: Annie, and Phantom of the Opera. Others I saw as revivals—I once saw an aging Yul Brenner perform in The King and I. I saw Donnie Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I have thought about writing a post describing my favorite musicals, but when I started listing them I passed fifty and was still thinking of more. So, no, I am not going to lie to you about a performance I’ve attended. But I definitely prefer musical theater to the standard rock concert. J.

6 thoughts on “More than ten performances, and none of them a lie

  1. You saw Ted Nugent!?! Man, that takes me back…

    Concert performances do not thrill me the way they once did. I have two touring musicians in the family, so as a “groupie” I’ve seen more than my fair share of live performances, some fantastic, others not so much. If I have to listen to one more screamo band, I may just scream myself deaf so I can’t hear them…

    That being said, I’m heading to the Big Smoke (aka Toronto!) tonight to see Chronixx. Ever heard of him? Me neither, lol, but we’re going!

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  2. Well minor correction here LOL.

    Pat Benatar…rock

    Barry Manilow…not rock

    Last rock performance I saw was actually Ted Nugent. What can I say? I did just see a really good show by Exile, if you remember them. Guys are 70 years old and still touring. Impressive

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  3. I absolutely love going to rock shows, and I go as often as I can. Been to lots of concerts over the years. (Also plenty of stage shows and classical.) I love getting up close to the band, singing along. It’s like you and the band are having a personal moment. There’s nothing like it.

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  4. I don’t go to concerts either. I spend time going to the theatre to see musicals. Musicals convey a storyline with characters along with their emotions. Musicals are an amazing escapism for me and tell a story in a very unique way

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  5. I’m with you! Totally agree. I’ve been to many musicals, plays,and the ballet, but not too many concerts. I saw AC/DC once and I remember that because security singled me out and I was like, the only sober and unarmed person in the whole place. Kind of reminds me of face book, actually. 🙂

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