He Is There. Because He Wants To Be.

I rarely repost other people’s work, but this is too good not to share. J.

Samaritan's Song

There is no rhyme or reason to when or why my cat wants to get in my lap.

When it happens, she grabs the arm of my desk chair with both paws, hauls herself up to a standing position, and mews pitifully at me until I scoop her up and drop her in my lap.  If I don’t scoop her up, she meows indefinitely until she jumps up herself, stabbing me in the thigh with a claw in the process.

Sometimes she stays for five minutes before I do something to dissatisfy her and she stalks off.  Sometimes she stays until my legs fall asleep.  Sometimes she plays with her own tail or cleans her paw. Sometimes she sleeps or kneads my pants leg.

Either way, the intention is clear: at that moment, for whatever reason, she wants to be with me.  Even more clear?  At that moment, for whatever…

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