Strive to be…

I have seen a clever saying: “Strive to be the person your dog thinks you are.” While that would be good advice for many people, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t have a dog; I have two cats. I don’t know if I should strive to be the person they think I am. Sometimes they think I am a piece of furniture. Sometimes I distract them when they want to sleep, and sometimes I sleep when they want to be distracted. I provide them with food and water, and I clean their litter boxes. If it wasn’t for that, they might not notice my existence at all.

I do not need to strive to be the person they think I am. I already am that person. They see me as a bundle of contradictions. I leave the house for hours at a time, and always at the best times for getting a few naps. Then I sleep through the best times for exploring the house and having fun. I prepare food and eat food off of surfaces so disgustingly dirty that I won’t even allow my cats to walk across those surfaces. I spend long periods of time staring at objects in my hands instead of batting those objects across the room and then chasing after them. When they want to greet me in a natural way, I turn them around so their heads are facing me.

Maybe I should strive to be the person my cats want me to be. It would take effort, but I’m sure it could be done. I would have to develop ESP so I would know, without having to look, that their food dish was nearly empty, and I would rush to fill it again. (“Nearly empty,” by the way, is defined as, “the bottom of the bowl is visible in at least one place.”) I would walk around the house every hour flushing all the toilets so they had a ready source of fresh drinking water. I would open the windows every day. (The air is always fresh and near the ideal temperature every time I open the windows, so why don’t I do it more often?) I would let the songbirds into the house so the cats could play with them instead of just watching them through the screen. I would stay home every day, take frequent naps, and be ready to play at night. I would help them figure out how to catch that red dot of light that bounces around the walls and floor and never seems to stay captured, no matter how cleverly they trap it with their paws.

No, I will never become the person my cats want me to be. They will never understand that my hours away from the house somehow make it possible for me to put food in their bowl. They will never convince me that the best conversations are not conducted face to face. But we seem to have a working relationship, and that may be what matters the most. As in so much of life, vive la difference! J.


9 thoughts on “Strive to be…

  1. Loved this post, it made me giggle 🙂 Cats are amazing, and so different from dogs indeed. Dogs always think the best of us while cats couldn’t remotely care less. Maybe instead of trying to be the person your cats think you are, you are better off becoming/staying the person you think you are 🙂

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  2. That was great J. I guess I have become a cat person finally. I have always had cats and dogs my whole life. Now, we just have Percy the Cat. He fits good with a busy life, which is a positive about cats, as they can live without their humans for more than 5 minutes and not become mentally damaged. Percy is about to turn a year old, now; it’s probably time for another Percy post LOL

    Your comment about walking on the table cracked me up. I never thought about it, but we don’t allow that, and it probably is less clean than where Percy’s food sits LOL. Too funny

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    • I grew up in a house with a dog and a cat, and they had their own rules and got along fine with each other. But cats are definitely less “high maintenance” than dogs, which suits my busy life as an adult well too. J.

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  3. Ha! This made me laugh. People never say, “strive to be the person your cat thinks you are,” because we’re all pretty certain cats secretly believe we’re low down on the food chain and hardly worthy of any respect. Dogs are hilarious, they’ve learned to play us so well. Cats have too, they just rarely think we’re worth the effort.

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  4. Cats are not so uncaring as they sometimes seem. My cat gives me a good going over every morning. He can sense where I hurt somehow, and then he lays himself on that area to warm it. Then he goes about his day and I go about mine. That’s what I like about cats.:0) I think your cats love you as you are and that’s quite a Godly attribute. I think when you and I strive to be who God intended us to be our cats will be even happier.:0) I loved this blog by the way.

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    • Thank you, Joy. I know my cats love me; they both let me know this morning how happy they are to see me. But I enjoy trying to get inside their heads to imagine how I look from that direction. J.

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