Ten lords a-leaping

Saint Genevieve lived in Paris during a time of great turmoil. She is said to have negotiated with both the Franks and the Huns for the preservation of her home city. This means that she spoke with Attila the Hun and with Clovis, first of the Merovingian kings of France. Truly she moved in important circles.
Today Saint Genevieve is best remembered as the patron saint of Guinevere, wife of King Arthur, according to the musical Camelot. Before she meets Arthur, Guinevere is heard praying to Saint Genevieve, begging her protection from this unwanted marriage that has been arranged. The future queen even threatens the saint, saying that Genevieve has failed in her duty, “and from now on I intend to pray to someone else instead.”
As for me, I have never prayed to a saint. I know that I can approach God the Father directly through Jesus Christ. When you are invited to express your concerns to the top authority, why rely on intermediaries? Even though I do not pray to the saints or expect miracles from their intervention, I still find them worthy of being remembered. Saints can and should be honored for their faithful service to the Lord. More than that, they are useful reminders of the way God cares for his people and keeps his promises to us. Best of all, we too are saints, already made holy by the saving work of Jesus Christ. When we celebrate the saints, we also celebrate our place among their number. J.

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