Nine ladies dancing

Basil and Gregory were two of the great theologians to rise in the Church after the time of Sylvester and Constantine. They defended the decisions of the Council of Nicaea, which described Jesus as “God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten (not made) Being of one Substance with the Father.” For several decades after the council, opponents of those teachings continued to insist that Jesus is not equal to the Father, that he was created by the Father, and that only God the Father is Almighty. Thanks to writers such as Basil and Gregory, the teachings of the Bible as summarized by the Nicene Creed were preserved in the Christian Church.
Both men were highly educated in philosophy as well as in Christian doctrine. They were able to serve the Lord and the Church through their writing, explaining the mysteries of the Christian faith so more could believe them and receive God’s blessings through them. Many other generations of the Church have also been blessed by such writers: Augustine, Martin Luther, and C. S. Lewis come to mind. God always blesses his Church at the times that his people most need his help.
May you revel in whichever writers have helped you to understand the Word of God and the teachings of his Church. J.

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